Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the organization are to:

Improve the standard of living of the Nigerian population through sustainable development strategies.
Work for food security and poverty alleviation among the population through the provision of agricultural and rural development programmes.
Facilitate and execute programmes on youth development, women empowerment, community health and nutrition as well as education/literacy and other sustainable development programmes.
Promote the establishment of small scale enterprises as well as indigenous technology development and application for self reliance.
Provide services on rural institutions development, rural savings mobilization and credit administration.
Give environmental education as well as promote natural resources management and conservation.
Provide services on project development and management as well as extension services.
Undertake research, advocacy, conscientisation, information dissemination, consultancy services and publications as well as training, conferences, seminars, and workshops in agricultural/rural development as well as other sustainable development programmes.

News & Events

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