The Report of the Disbursement of Educational Material to Igbo-Eze North and Bishop Shanahan OVCs in Nsukka LGA of Enugu state

Donor: Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (AONN) in Nigeria C/o 86 b Agbani road Enugu State, Nigeria. December,2011

Pre- implementation stage

ACERDEN on 14th of October 2011 received some educational items for her thirty-five (35) OVCs. These educational items received are detailed in the annexes.

Bishop Shanahan cluster is made up of four CBOs comprising: ACERDEN, SOPAT, TILCAGE and Youth Child Support Initiative. ACERDEN included Youth child support initiative in the disbursement process. The CEO of ACERDEN, Dr. Daniel S Ugwu called the CEO of Youth Child Support Initiative, Mrs. Ijeoma Nnaji to send one of her staff to come and collect their educational items of two OVCs that is assigned to her CBO or better still, she can send her staff to come and join us in the disbursement of these materials, so that ACERDEN could use that opportunity to introduced and hand over the children to them but they declined the offer saying that, they are not interested in those OVCs in Nsukka since they do not have any OVC in Nsukka but rather in Uzo-Uwani and they prefer any OVCs that would be assign to them should come from Uzo-Uwani.

However, ACERDEN did not involve the other CBOs (SOPAT and TILCAGE) in the disbursement due to the received at the AONN meeting that the two CBOs has been suspended from AONN, but ACERDEN intends to give them two OVCs each when they are called back.

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