Capacity Building to Engage in Budget Processes at the Grassroot Level in Enugu State, Nigeria

Donor: Independent Corrupt Practices & Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) Plot 802, Constitution Avenue, Zone A9, Central Area, PMB 535, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria Tel – Fax: 096286717, 09 – 6286691, E-mail:, August, 2017.

Awareness and Sensitisation Campaign Against Corruption for 2011 August Women in Igbo-Eze North and Nsukka LGAs of Enugu State, Nigeria.

The project on capacity building to engage in budget processes at the grassroot level in Enugu State, Nigeria was carried out in July, 2017 with funding support by the ICPC/UNDP. The primary objectives of the project were to deliver the ICPC anti-corruption message to the grassroots; encourage the grassroots to be involved in the budget processes especially with regards to the needs in their communities; and provide the grassroots with information and skills to foster interaction with governance structures for enhanced transparency and accountability. Workhop delivery methodology include lectures, power point presentations, questions and answers /brainstorming sessions as well as film shows about the ICPC, among others. The workshop activities were mainly participatory with the resource persons facilitating.

ICPC representatives provided oversight functions as well as monitored workshop execution. Major outcomes/result of the capacity building project include increased knowledge and skills among the participants about budget processes, increased understanding of the beneficiaries/citizens of their rights to participate in the budget process for enhanced transparency, accountability and good governance. Other outcomes/results include the establishment and inauguration of seventeen (17) LGA Development Vanguards with the mandate to monitor and track budget as well as engage in community development activities within their LGAs in the state.

A key outcome is the establishment of a social media platform to promote interaction between ICPC, ACERDEN, members of the LGA Development Vanguards and the communities/citizens. The social media platform is managed by ACERDEN to promote interaction, development and anti-corruption activities in Enugu State. Key lesson from the implementation of this project is that ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, corruption, budget secrecy and/or inaccessibility, among other factors, promote apathy among the citizens with respect to participation in the budget process. It was recommended that sustained capacity training and retraining of the grassroot communities on budget processes should be entrenched in the development policy agenda of government for maximum impact. Secondly, LGA Development Vanguards currently established and inaugurated should be strengthened and supported for sustainability, high budget performance and good governance.

Key Words: Capacity building, grassroots, budget processes,Enugu State.

Mr Nnadi Romanus asking questions on Budget processes during the grass root workshop for Enugu Noth at grace manor hotel, Nsukka
Prof. Daniel Ugwu giving an opening remark during the
EZe Anslem giving a brief history of ICPC during the workshop at Grace Manor, Hotels Nsukka
Mr Okeanya Chistopher presenting for his group after the group work session .
Group Picture of Enugu North Grass root Training on Budget Processes at Grace Manor Hotel, Nsukka
Participants during the capacity building training for the grass roots on budget processes at Dannic Hotels, Enugu
Participants during the Tea Break at Dannic Hotels, Enugu
Miss Chinwe Nwozor giving a brief history of ICPC during the grass root workshop at Dannic, Hotels Enugu
Hon. Pedro Ibeh making a contribution during the grass root workshop session for Enugu West Senatorial zone at Dannic Hotels , Enugu
Participants writing their post-test evaluation during the day one grass root capacity training workshop at Dannic Hotels, Enugu
Mr Aja Chukwumerije asking question on monitoring and Evaluation of community project
Group Picture of Enugu West Participants during the Grass root training workshop on budget processes at Dannic hotels, Enugu
Participants during Lunch at Dannic hotels, Enugu
Prof. Daniel Ugwu attending to the Question asked by the participants during the grass root workshop at Dannic hotel, Enugu.
Participants during the Group Work session on budget
Group Picture of Enugu East Participants during the Grass root training workshop on budget processes at Dannic hotels, Enugu
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