Capacity Building and Engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Budget Processes to Promote Anti-corruption Activities in Enugu State.

Donor: EU/UNDP

The programme commenced by 11.29am with National Anthem and the Honorable members, Government officials, CSOs members and members of public were all seated. The Enugu State Honorable Speaker in the person of Edward Ubosi acknowledged the presence of RT. Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi, the Executive Governor of Enugu State and requested him to make the Budget presentation to the Honorable members of the House.

Reviewing of 2016 Fiscal Budget:

His Excellency started with reviewing of 2016 Physical Budget. The Total Expenditure shows N 43.7Billion with Estimated Budget of N 85.16Billion. His Excellency made the House to know that the Fiscal year under review has been challenging with constant increase in Dollars as against our Naira. This made inflation to be very high, thereby affecting our foreign reserves. The increase also adversely affected the activities of Donor Agencies in the State, making them to loss interest in our Economy.

Key Results Achieved by the Project:

During the first quarter( September-November,2016), the key results achieved include sensitized CSOs,community leaders and other stakeholders that are supportive of this project on capacity building and civil society engagement in budget processes and anti-corruption activities. Community leaders demonstrated overwhelming support to this project by readily mobilizing their citizens to join the Community-Based Monitoring Groups(CBMGs) for effective budget and project monitoring ,tracking and reporting.

How Project Implementation has contributed to changes(Outcomes):

Project outcomes have been achieved through the use of participatory approaches including town hall meetings and consultations with different stakeholders and community leaders. In a broad sense,the community-driven development(CDD) strategy entrenched in this project is key to the outcomes/changes that are being achieved or recorded in this project.

A group picture of NGO members present during 2017, Budget Proposal presentation at State House of Assemble Enugu.
A group picture with Chairman Housing Committee for NGOs in the State, Rt. Hon. Joseph Ugwumba, and Advocacy Partnership for Good Governance (APAGG) Preventative in the House of Assembly, Mr. Adolphus Mary and Mrs. Sonnia Okonkwo Coordinator, Budget Planning Advocacy Partnership (BPAP) Enugu

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