NSUKKA Akpugo Eze- dike

Opening Remark by Prof. Daniel Ugwu in Akpugo Eze- dike
Lunch during inauguration
Mr Igboke Onyebuchi addressing the selected CBMG members in Akpugo Eze- dike.
Sharing of Kola nuts to usher in the inauguration ceremony.
Group Picture of CBMG members and ACERDEN staff in AkpugoEze-dike during capacity training.
Group Picture of CBMG members at Igwe’s Palace in Nru Nsukka.
The CBMG members listening attentively during the capacity training in Nru Nsukka.
Group picture of CBMG members in Nru Nsukka.
Mr Igboke Onyebuchi lecturing on Budget implementation, budget process, Tracking and monitoring
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